Perfectly reasonable advice, but idiots got mad anyway … 

So maybe you've heard rumors about people going overseas and, while complete uggos in their hometown, really knock it out of the park with getting laid in a foreign land. Many have considered traveling to a distant land where scrawny, classically ugly 6s are somehow super-hot to the attractive natives … but sometimes, those attractive natives are just scamming ugly tourists for drinks.

And like our pessimistic mother who claims we're handsome no matter what the mean kids say, the U.S. State Department issued a tweet reminding uglier citizens that they're still gross abroad, and to not get scammed.

Pretty reasonable thing to warn people about, right? Thank you, State Department, for trying to keep us grounded in reality and prevent robbery, extortion or worse. 

But wouldn't you know it, ugly people on Twitter got all kinds of pissed off anyway, bitching about the tweet being sexist and objectifying.


Well, Nicholas Gomez, no, you're an idiot. "Sexism" is discrimination based on a person's gender or sex …

The State Department tried to do a nice thing, but ugly people everywhere lost their shit. 

Thankfully, someone quickly created a parody account and helped get even more idiots mad.

Sarcasm and self-awareness people, it's a wonderful thing …