Last night's State of the Union address from President Trump was, for anyone paying close attention, more of the same. He came out, there was clapping. He said something, even more clapping. He postured a person or four with incredible stories … more clapping. He even clapped for himself a few times. What a humble group of people representing our nation's best.

But overall, it was boring. Like many other presidents past, the State of the Union address has regressed far from whence it came. What began as a way to update Americans on what exactly the hell is going on over there in Washington has become nothing more than a parade of virtues, color-signaling for political team spirit and having to nod through what the representatives of each state are grasping onto in an increasingly fractured nation. Overall, the American people learn nothing from it. In short: it was (and is) utter nonsense.

You wouldn't have guessed it reading just the headlines from last night and this morning, however. The way media covers large events now is insanity. Pay attention and you'll see everything being posted from easy-to-decipher bias slants to complete absurdity (Like the president really wants another 9/11 to happen?). Sure, politics play a huge part in the growing divide of the working class, but it's media that's hyping the division either by subtle provocation to outright deceit.

This is why we're fucked, ladies and gentlemen. 

Let's start with how the speech was negatively received …

MSNBC – “Schmidt: Trump’s speech ‘disassociated from reality’”
Vox – “The State of the Union made Donald Trump look small”
Esquire – “I watched a ghoulish masquerade in Washington”

… versus a more positive twist.

Washington Times – “Trump’s speech nailed it. Let’s see what he does now.”
Fox News – “Trump extends ‘open hand’ to Dems
CBS News – “Viewers approve of Trump’s first State of the Union address”

But wait, what about the hard numbers, surely those we can trust?

CNN – “Trump gets least positive reaction in at least 20 years”
The Hill – “48 percent had ‘very positive’ reaction to Trump’s speech”
Washington Times – "State of the Union watchers overwhelmingly approve of Trump's speech: Poll"

Okay okay, we get it, there's bias. But just how much?

Los Angeles Times – “Trump strikes a softer tone, but delivers the same awful message.”
Detroit Free Press – “Trump’s first State of the Union should scare you”
CNN – “Trump to project success as Washington rots from within”

… versus what's happening on the other side of the tracks. 

Fox News – “Glum Democrats sit, scowl and even walk out during Trump SOTU call for unity in Washington”
Breitbart – “Where’s the woke? Left Blasts ‘Tone Deaf,’ ‘Inexcusable’ Joe Kennedy Pick for Response … Privledged White Man”

And let's not forget this shining gem of contradiction:

PBS – “Trump says it will be hard to unify country without a ‘major event’”
NYMag – “The President Think a Second 9/11 Would Have Its Upsides”

Last but not least … may all the gods be with us …

New York Daily News – “Joe Kennedy’s glistening lips outshine his rebuttal to Trump’s State of the Union”
Slate – "Donald Trump Just Asked Congress to End the Rule of Law"
Buzzfeed News – "Melania Trump Arrived At The State Of The Union Without Her Husband And Dressed In White"