Does anyone remember when teachers were all old and mean?

It seems like every single day there's a new scandal for idiot teachers boning their idiot students. And when you stop to think about that for even a second, you'll realize that it's some of the most messed up shit that anyone could ever imagine. 

Because in the 6th grade, kids want to play Pokemon and run away from girls. Not begin a relationship with a giant red flag of a human. Who are these psychos sleeping with their children? 

The answer: Texans and Alabamans. 

According to CBS News, the hillbillies in Alabama might be ground zero for deranged teachers plowing their kids, but Texas is really making a run at the title. 

As per a new report, the Texas Education Agency has launched 162 investigations of reported “teacher-student relationships” between September 1st and May 31st. The Amarillo Globe-News reports that the agency had 188 investigations last fiscal year, marking at least the fifth year of growth in a row.

They're really following their dreams, which in this case is a #careergoal of abusing children.