Next time you're about to shit talk the other team, do it while you're shooting and mention that the ball you're about to sink contains roughly 3 million bacteria that will soon pass on into their beer and they will consume. Talk about a psych out. 

According to a study conducted by students at the University of Clemson, ping pong balls used for beer pong contain teeming bacteria including the heavy hitters such as salmonella, E. Coli, staph and listeria. During homecoming, the inquisitive students fanned out around campus taking balls from various games and then tested the balls for suspicious organisms. As hypothesized, the balls were dirtier than a fleshlight at a frat house. 

Further urinating on everyone's parade, the students tested to see if the bacteria transferred from the ball to the beer. Using their own bacteria infested balls, they placed them in beer and measured the levels of bacteria. Low and behold, most of it did. Well shit. 

But before you hang-up your beer pong gloves forever, there is a silver lining to this shitty study: 90 percent of the bacteria wasn't harmful to humans. Thank goodness… And that 10 percent? Oh we wouldn't worry about that 10 percent. 

And for this reason, we drink large amounts of hard alcohol while playing beer pong. It kills the bacteria.