The results are in and (spoiler alert) the 'road less traveled' is preeettty popular.

Social fallacies about anal sex are ubiquitous; however, the greatest misconception of all is probably just who is, ahem, partaking in this great American pastime.

According to the results of a new study on the anal sex habits of women published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, over a third of women surveyed between the ages of 14 and 44 reported having tried anal sex in their lifetime, but just 13.2% said they'd had it within the past 12 months.

The study notes, “Women who were most likely to report having had anal sex in the last year were in their 20s, had no religious affiliation, and had higher levels of both income and education.” So if any guys out there are boiling down the demographics for an anal hit-list: the young, post-grad atheist in the Audi is their Venus on the Half-Shell.

The study also found that anal sex was equally common across the racial and ethnic spectrum, although it was more regular amongst women who were married or living with their partners. Meaning said anal hit-list may require A) a little home-wrecking or B) moving in with the misses.

Other considerations influencing the likelihood of a woman having anal sex included “having had sex with women, having had an unintended pregnancy, being younger than 16 at the time of first intercourse, and being treated for an STI within the past year.”

Beyond the all-around elasticity in self-reporting style study results, it is also important to note that this particular study only included women who considered themselves ‘heterosexual’.

As noted in a separate study, “There are no recorded sex acts that make women reach climax more than men do, but the only method that comes close is being on the receiving end of anal sex. One hundred percent of men climaxed while receiving anal and a whopping 94 percent of women did; about 67 percent of women reached orgasm through penile-vaginal sex while 95 percent of men did.”


The little black anal book might be substantially more abridged than its vaginal counterpart; however, a little variation in rotation is statistically-shown to guarantee both partners a good time.