Before the trio releases their upcoming EP, "Odyssey," the act sat with Rooster to dish out some goods.

It’s when an act catches the attention of larger, more seasoned veterans of the music industry that it can begin feeling comfortable about the sound it spent so long developing. For Boulder-based livetronica come-up SunSquabi, the rise to mid-level takeover began when Colorado diehards started flocking to shows en masse, building a viable community around the part jam, dash of funk electronic trio — eventually catching the ears of All Good Records and its founder GRiZ. The label releases the band’s EP Odyssey this month in anticipation of its coming tour and appearance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on October 8 with The Floozies.

What makes the most sense: a world without music or a cheetah with no legs?
The thought of either one of those makes us very sad. That’s almost impossible to choose, but I think were gonna go with a world without music. #savethecheetahs

Do you think there’s such a thing as a “Colorado” sound?
There’s no question that music, especially in the live electronic realm, is very alive here in CO, but the best part of having all these musicians around is definitely the diversity of sounds. So, not really.

What’s your favorite bird?
A Sparrow. Or a Swallow. African, of course.

You guys have a dope spot at Red Rocks coming up. Any secrets you can let out of the bag on what we can expect of the performance?
We will tell you that everyone on the bill is very close and loves to jam with one another so, I’m sure shenanigans will be abound. We may have an honorary 4th member for that set. Who knows?!

Favorite places in Colorado to frequent?
Definitely Snarfburger and Salvaggio’s Deli in Boulder. Cervantes’ Masterpiece is probably our favorite bar/venue to hang at.

If you could get a body transplant, would you?
Donald Trump. Unanimously. I mean, do you see these hands?

What three deceased artists would you most want to come back to life if they could?
Hard to pick just three, but the golden era of rock is certainly something we’d like to see come back.

Is there an afterlife?
On the next adventure! It’s more important to just enjoy this one while you can though. Don’t focus on what happens after we live … just live!

Any last minute shout-outs?
Boulder, we miss you very much. Shouts to everyone out there believing in us, jamming the new record, reading this thinking: “Those Nuggets” — Bonfire Brewing and Cheba Hut. We love all of you.

What can fans expect out of the future of SunSquabi?
We plan to continue doing this for a very, very long time. Things are better than they’ve ever been and we can’t wait to show you what we can do. Thanks for the love and support as always!