We hate to be the one to tell you this, but … 

Imagine a world before the Internet. You take photos like you normally do, but you have to take them to the store, get them developed, drive back to the store to get them, and lovingly put them between sheets of plastic in your little photo album. 

So when people come over, you pull it out to show them — and every single photo over hundreds of pages is just your face, with the occasional cat. 

You'd freak them right the fuck out. They'd never come back again. So why is it normal on the Internet? 

No one likes your face that much. The only time staring at peoples' faces makes sense is when that person is really, really good-looking (or to mimic the effects of LSD) — and you're like a 6, at best. 

And there's nothing wrong with that! Don't look so sad … because that only makes you look uglier. But if you look at a standard bell curve:

You just have to admit there's gonna be a ton of people clustered right around the middle, and that's fine. Most of us (really about 70 percent of us) are happily planted right dead center, and that's nothing to be depressed about. There's only a 2.29 percent chance that you're hot enough for people to actually want to look at your face — and that's a big, big gamble. We're willing to bet it all on the fact that you're in the other 98 percent. And again, that's just fine. 

Research just proved that if you take a lot of selfies, you probably think you're a lot hotter than you are in real life — plus, you're probably pretty narcissistic too.

From a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, they split two groups of students into selfie-takers and non-selfie-takers, and asked them to rate how attractive photos of themselves would rank with the general public. 

The results?

Both groups, the habitual selfie-takers and non-selfie-takers, showed self-favoring bias by thinking that they would be seen as more attractive and more likeable in their photos than they were actually seen by the independent raters. However, the selfie-takers overestimated themselves significantly more, especially when judging their selfies rather than the experimenter-taken photos. In reality, both groups’ selfies were rated as less attractive than the experimenter-taken photos by the independent raters. They also thought the selfie-takers looked significantly more narcissistic than the non-selfie-takers on the basis of their selfies.

So don't be a narcissistic twat. Stop taking pictures of your face, because you're not as hot as you think. You're probably average-looking, and that's fine. But people don't wanna spend their free time looking at average. Sorry.