The survey is now closed. Thank you to all 12.76 bilion of you who took time out of your schedule to take it. We appreciate the love. (Check back next month for the results!)

Here it is folks, the completely anonymous and ungraded test you all haven't been waiting for — Rooster Magazine's first annual Ultimate Drug Survey

We want to know what it is that makes drug users tick, why they do it, what they have to say about it. The following is a series of questions ranging from your first time to the last bender. We want it all. Again, this is a completely anonymous form and we're totally not cops. We're one of you.

Results of the survey will be posted in next month's issue. Stay tuned online for expanded results as well. 

To take the survey, click on the image below at your convenience, it will take you to a Google Doc where the party starts. Have fun!