Although he is relatively new to tattooing, (about a year and a half in), Nikita Razumovskiy, better known as Quesadilla, is extremely talented and dedicated to his craft. Hailing from Kazakhstan, he studied art for years before moving to the United States and setting his sights on pursuing a career in tattooing. With a cool style of predominantly black tattoos, he is building an impressive portfolio of super clean designs. He even spends his time off at the tattoo shop, diligently working on his drawing skills. How many people can say they are that devoted to their work?

Shop: The Legacy Tattoo Collective (Aurora)
Years Tattooing: 1.5
Style: Gentle Black

Let’s start with the obvious, why the name Quesadilla?

I go by Quesadilla because during my apprenticeship I got an assignment to create a lettering piece. I was hungry, so I chose to write “quesadilla”. I had to do it over and over because it wasn’t solid enough for my mentor’s approval. At some point he gave up and started calling me quesadilla.  After some time, it was shortened to Quesa. Now it feels more real than my actual name.


Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan.


What was your art background before you started tattooing?

Before I started tattooing I studied painting, sculpture, apparel design, composition and history of art in Kazakhstan at UNESCO Art School for 7 years. Then I took personal classes when I moved to the United States.

What drew you to tattooing?

I didn’t know tattoos existed until I was 15 because where I’m from, they’re not common and I never paid attention. My Grandfather pitched the idea for me to become one and I was hooked on the idea because people will represent my work anywhere they go.


Do you have a favorite subject matter to tattoo?

I like to work with organic composition, anything from flowers and bones to mythical and unseen creatures.


What is the strangest tattoo request you’ve ever received?

Strangest tattoo request I’ve had was a snake wrapping around a guy’s private part.

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t tattooing?

I spend my time off at work, either drawing new projects or doing background work.


What is your favorite part about being a tattoo artist?

Favorite part about being a tattoo artist is seeing all the work you’ve put in pay off and clients come back happy with their tattoos months later.

Where can we check out more of your work?

All of my work you can find on Instagram @quesadilla_tattoo and healed work @quesa_tattooer