Ahh, isn't it great when two super hot tattooed people fall in love and want to be photographed by Rooster? It is, thanks for asking. We talked to Colorado locals Kara Korpse and Shawn Lopez about their mutual love for ink, each other and zombie hands.

Names: Kara Korpse & Shawn Lopez

Signs: Kara = Cancer, Shawn = Taurus

Years together: One.

Number of combined tattoos: Shawn has 8 tattoos, Kara has 20.

How did you meet?  Kara: We have one of the same tattoo artists, so one day Shawn was in the chair getting some new ink, and I came in for my appointment and we just hit it off from there!

What makes a tattoo sexy? Kara: The person wearing it for sure. But we also believe that it shows a sense of boldness, and  not being afraid to show who you are, what you’re about. It’s also sexy that you can make a
decision, and be so set on it that you can have that piece of art on you for the rest of your life!

Favorite tattoo on the other person? Kara: I love Shawn’s neck tattoo, that’s definitely my favorite. Shawn: My favorite tattoo of hers is the zombie hand holding the bouquet of flowers on her right  thigh.

Where do you get your ink done?  Shawn: We each have a few places we go to, but the majority of our work has been done by  Josh Butierres of Filthy Family Tattoo and Ziggy Alcantar. And Kara has some by Geno Somma of Mantra Tattoo & Lucus Garcia of Stay Local Tattoo.

What influences your tattoos?  Kara: Growing up, I always loved my Dad’s tattoos and that probably has a bit of influence as to  why I have so many now. But as far as the art, it’s kind of just like buying a painting from an artist. Only I am a live canvas. Shawn: I grew up with many siblings, not wanting to be compared, I used my passion for art to  stand out.