A snowmaking malfunction at Telluride Ski Resort recently caused a mudslide, prompting Instagram pages and stoned Rooster writers across the nation to wonder if backcountry avalanche season may have started too early this year.

“Last night, a failure in our snowmaking system resulted in a mudslide with debris going down the front hillside toward the base of the Lift 7 area,” reads an Instagram caption from the resort. 

“The system failure has been addressed, and clean-up is underway. Fortunately, no one was hurt. There was minor damage to a few buildings in the Lift 7 base area. The ski resort is handling all clean-up and is communicating with the HOAs of the damaged buildings.”

It’s funny, we had a mudslide last year in Telluride too, but it was during the Blues and Brews Festival after like eight or nine hazy IPAs (if you want to argue or cry foul about this, we’re firm believers that a huge proponent in the death of newsprint media is the lack of poop jokes, and we’re just attempting to play our part).