Welcome to the results of the 2021 THC Classic, our 10th annual search for Colorado’s best cannabis products. After 2020, the cannabis industry saw its ups and downs but ultimately, the results from this year's competition show not only the resiliency of the cannabis industry, but the innovation of the companies and employees all around. 

For those not familiar with the THC Classic, it’s Colorado’s largest blind-judging competition to determine which dispensaries and wholesalers top the list of best products of 2021. The blind-judging part has always been a staple of our competition to ensure fairness and accuracy without the intrusion of favoritism and bias. We simply collect the product submissions from companies, remove the branding, then repackage them with a unique identifier for the judges. It’s a pain but it’s worth it. This method has grown the THC Classic into the most trusted and most anticipated competition of the year. 

How we judge: 

Each category has five judges. Judges are picked based on their expertise of the cannabis products in their category. They must not have any affiliation to a company who’s submitted products in any category. Since this is our 10th year, we’ve amassed a reputable and reliable board of judges. All judges receive score sheets with unique guidelines dependent on the product category. Each judge is only allowed to test two samples a day, one in the morning and one at night in order to prevent contamination of the high. This policy, while stringent, requires at least two months to complete and at the end, produces the most accurate and fair results. 

Without further ado, we introduce the winners of the 2021 THC Classic competition in the categories of: Hybrid, Sativa, Indica, Pre-Rolls, Wax, Shatter, Rosin, Flash Frozen, Flavored Vape, Disposable Vape, Hydrocarbon Vape, Distillate Vape, Solventless Vape, Caviar, Hemp-Derived CBD, CBD:THC, Hash, Edibles, Infusions / Topicals and Wildcard.

All Photos by Tyler Getz

Colorado's Best Cannabis and Hemp Products 2021: Hybrid Flower Colorado's Best Cannabis and Hemp Products 2021: Hybrid Flower Colorado's Best Cannabis and Hemp Products 2021: Hybrid Flower Colorado's Best Cannabis and Hemp Products 2021: Hybrid Flower







Grand Champion 

Den-Rec – Purple Monkey Face Slap


1st – Bloom County – Grape Gasoline

2nd – High Level Health – Mimosa

3rd – Billo Premium Cannabis – Caps Frozen Lemons


1st – Bloom County – Punch Mints

2nd – Billo Premium Cannabis – Slurricrasher

3rd – Fresh Baked Dispensary – Blackberry Cheesecake


1st – Den-Rec – Purple Monkey Face Slap

2nd – High Level Health – Sour Grapes

3rd – Viola Brands – Secret Kush Mints


1st – Den-Rec – Granola Funk

2nd – Blues Brothers – Blues Brothers Dog Walker 6 Pack Gelato Cake

3rd – ABV Cannabis Co. – Blue Cheese


1st – Escape Artists – Escape Artists 20:1 Peppermint Relief Tincture 

2nd – Canyon – Sour Lemonade 1:1 Chew It

3rd – Wana Brands – Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies: Strawberry Margarita 

Hemp-Derived CBD 

1st – Steve's Goods – Strawnana CBD Wax

2nd – Myaderm – Myaderm Advanced Rx20

3rd – By George! CBD – By George! CBD Salve


1st – High Level Health – Blue Skunk Live Sugar Infused King Palm

2nd – The Chronic Factory – Kush Mountain 

3rd – Stratos – Slow Burn Joint / Wedding Cake


1st – Stardust Cultivation and Concentrates – Stardust Dream

2nd – #HASH by Infusiasm – Hash Shatter Brittle 1g Sativa Dominant – Critical Flo

3rd – Nomad Extracts – Jolly Roger (Grown by Options)


1st – Den-Rec – Guava Gelato (Processed by Harmony Extracts)

2nd – High Level Health – Platinum Valley Cured Budder

3rd – HRVST Labs x Natural Alternatives – Lemonge Sugar-Wax


1st – Dablogic – Hazlenut Cream Live Rosin Badder

2nd – Olio – Slurricane #1

3rd – Äkta – GMO Cold Cure Live Rosin

Flash Frozen

1st – Options – Golden Goat Platinum FSE (Processed by Nomad Extracts

2nd – Sunshine Extracts – Wedding Cake Live Diamonds

3rd – High Level Health – Blue Skunk Live Badder


1st – CGC Black Label – Tropaya

2nd – Olio – Gas Tanker #4

3rd – Dadirri – Biochem Bubble Hash (Grown by San Juan Strains)

Hydrocarbon Vape

1st – High Level Health – Live Blue Skunk Cartridge 

2nd – The Lab – Golden Goat Pod

3rd – Olio – Forbidden Zkittles Melonaid #8

Distillate Vape

1st – Modern Flower – Cherry Pie

2nd – Northern Standard – Native Elite – Guicy G

3rd – O.pen – O.pen Micro Watermelon 

Solventless Vape

1st – Olio – Candy Man Rosin Pen

2nd – Sunshine Extracts – Palisade Honey Solventless Pen

3rd – Dablogic – Key Lime Cookies Solventless Cartridge 

Flavored Vape

1st – Modern Flower – Wedding Cake

2nd – High Level Health – White Chocolate Boysenberry Botanical Cartridge

3rd – Concentrate Supply Co. (CSC) – Strawberry Banana (Grown by Los Suenos

Disposable Vape

1st – The LabFeather Go Move Cantaloupe Flavored 

2nd – High Level Health – Summertime Disposable Simpod

3rd – Clear Creek Extracts – Orange Soda + Sourband '09 Duo Pod


1st – NectarBee – Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle

2nd – Koala Edibles – Honey Roasted Cashews

3rd – Kush Masters LLC – THC Caramel Chews 

Infusions / Topicals

1st – Escape Artists – Escape Artists 20:1 Lavender Relief Cream

2nd – Mary Jane's Medicinals – Super Strength Nano Savle

3rd – Mary's Medicinals – Formula Compound 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBG


1st – Kush Masters LLC – GMO Live Rosin

2nd – NectarBee – Clementine Bumble Blunt

3rd – Concentrate Supply Co. (CSC) – Pure Dispenser Refined Cannabinoids (Grown by Los Suenos