Saturday, November 19th, The Black Box turns SIX! Join us at Denver’s home of the underground featuring a System x Innamind Takeover with Vivek (UK), Kursk (NZ), & Hypho (UK)

This event is a cumulation of six years of music, community, & culture. We aim to bring unique and memorable moments to all those that are able to step foot in our venue located at 314 E. 13th Ave. With a priority on quality sound, our custom assembled system makes you feel the music. A physical experience that moves your mind and soul. Our goal is to transform a party into something so much more, combining emotion with energy.  When the pandemic hit in 2020, we didn't know what the future would hold. Now, approaching the end of 2022 we are more excited than ever to continue to provide the atmosphere in which we've always desired to create. This atmosphere is what The Black Box is all about, and the community is what we do it for. We can't wait to dance with everyone on this anniversary event. See you there! 

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