Slobby Robby
A new mindless Netflix binge doing large things to fashion is Robert Hall’s Slobby’s World. He’s the owner of Generation Cool in Tucson, Arizona — a type of thrift shop dealing in higher end gear or hard to find ‘80s and ‘90s threads. He, along with the rest of the vintage community, have turned picking into a lucrative thing. Watch it to realize how much money your parents threw away when you went off to college.

Dinosaur Cats
Garnering a type of resurgence since its peak in 2017, cats barbered to look like dinosaurs are back, baby. Step 1, purchase a cat even though they’re stupid. Step 2, shave spikes into its gross back fur. Step 3, post a photo of Mr. Muffintop on Instagram under a #DinoCut hashtag. Finally, revel in adoration knowing full well you contributed to society in a meaningful way.

Drink, Healthy
Soda sales are down, way down. So over the last several years, mega-brands like Coke and Pepsi have been searching for a solution. Healthier drink options, well now there’s a novel idea! Companies like New Age Beverages Company — with its Bob Marley “mood” teas and kombucha line — along with plenty of others are positioning to fit the bill. You’ll see big changes to this space in the coming years.

Imperfect Produce
Half of all usable food is thrown away in America, mostly because of imperfections. Fruits and vegetables have to look like models or they aren’t edible, right? Truth is, the desire for perfection has drained vital nutrients from a lot of food. The country substitutes looks for substance, just like you do when thumbing through Bumble. Though a growing trend of buying imperfect produce is on the rise, and, isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

The CBD Rush
You’ve seen it, we’ve seen it, everyone has seen it: CBD is in every-fucking-thing now and companies could care less about what the FDA has to say about it. Science be damned! However, regulations are on the horizon and you can make your voice heard about them between May 31 and July 2 when the FDA opens an online hearing to collect public comments before a final decision is made.

Fuck You, Pay Me
Last month, Mercedes filed four lawsuits against street artists demanding to use their work in commercials for free. This of course is fucked and triggered the community to mob-up, a move reminiscent of the Fat Jew’s outright comedy theft, Fuck Jerry’s meme problem or cannabis influencers jacking photos with butts on them to drive likes. The bummer is Mercedes might win, impacting artists’ rights worldwide.

Broken Dam
New Zealand’s Privacy Commissioner John Edwards had some strong words for Facebook: “They are morally bankrupt pathological liars who enable genocide, facilitate foreign undermining of democratic institutions.” Damn. This was in reference to the site allowing white nationalists to thrive on the platform. Yet right now, the online hate speech dam is broke — is it too late for social media giants to respond?

One circulating rumor is that Eric Holder, the man accused of gunning down hip-hop virtuoso Nipsey Hussle, did so because he was called a snitch — a title others in the crew actually agree with. And let’s not forget the drama surrounding 6ix9ine, or whatever the fuck his name is. He’s reportedly working with police to get an early release for singing like a bird. Trending, even though it shouldn’t be.