Full disclosure: We were actually looking for a different Jimmy Chin when we instead found, Jimmy Chin. But it was a happy accident that we got in touch.

Because, while this Chin isn’t shooting the same kind of landscape/extreme-athlete photography that the Nat-Geo Chin is, the other Chin — our Chin — is carving a name out for himself as a vibrant cityscape photographer. And his work is pretty mind-blowing.

Based in Singapore, Chin has been using cameras since the 90’s — however, as an art student he couldn’t always afford the expensive film and development those old cameras required. Then came along digital cameras and it changed his life — his artwork — and the way he sees the world, entirely. He got a Panasonic Lumix, then a Canon Shot, then a Samsung NX20, and a Nikon D90 — but none of clicked with Chin quite like his Olympus EM1.

Armed with that trusty camera, Chin started shooting cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, cosplay, toy photography and even some street and animal photography. He learned how to compose a photo, how to edit in postproduction and honed his keen artistic eye.

Today, the photos that Chin is pumping out are pretty incredible. Bright and colorful, perfectly timed, perfectly lit, and strikingly unique — Chin’s style has come a long way. And it’s very recognizable.

“Photography is a hobby for me but I take it very seriously. How good the photos are does not depend on how good is the camera is,” he says. “An artistic eye, how to compose the photograph, skills to edit the photo are far more important. The camera is just a tool.”

Instagram: @jimmychinphotology
Email: jimmychinphotology@gmail.com