The Rise of Online Video Creators

The Rise of Online Video Creators

PoliticsJanuary 27, 2023

The technological revolution and the proliferation of the internet have changed the way we access entertainment. From watching television on demand to playing games on the go, there are plenty of options for those that want to make the most of the variety of options available to them. 

As well as having access to thousands of films, TV shows and games, it’s easier than ever before for people to share their interests by making their own online content. If you can imagine it, someone is probably out there making videos about it, and the rise in user-created content has provided insights into a number of activities, experiences, and information that would otherwise not have been possible.

With plenty of sites providing the means to host online video content, it’s possible for online experts, influencers, and viral superstars to gain thousands of followers. From in- depth insights into niche activities to entertaining takes on current events, there are channels offering all kinds of content, including:

  • Educational videos

  • Animation

  • Vlogs

  • Tutorials

  • Product demonstrations and reviews

  • Interviews

  • Competitions

  • Live streaming

  • Presentations

Global internet users spent around four hours a week watching user-generated content in 2020, with that figure on the rise all the time. Not only are people keen to make their own content, but the global market for watching online videos continues to grow.


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The benefits of user-generated content

User-generated content has plenty of benefits, with many consumers finding that they prefer to draw on the thoughts and opinions of their peers rather than relying on messaging from large companies and brands. Many people rely on the availability of online content to help them make some of the most important decisions in their lives, from details about what it’s like to work for a particular company to information about how to plan a travel itinerary.

One of the things that viewers value about user-generated content is the authenticity of the information available. While brand information is often available online, many people want realistic reviews that give more insight into what it’s really like to use a product or service.

Brands can make the most of the opportunity to leverage the reputation and skill of some of the most influential online creators. From providing in-depth product reviews to offering hints and tips on how to get the highest scores in a new game, viewers turn to online content creators for all kinds of insights.

For example, a user-generated review of an online poker site might explain how it appeals to users that are new to the game, walking them through the process of creating an account and making their first deposit. Experienced online players, however, might prefer a tutorial on how to identify the best gaming table to play at, tell when an opponent is bluffing, or remember the odds of their hand beating the dealer’s.

Social media generated content

Even within the relatively short lifetime of the internet, several trends have come and gone when it comes to the kind of content that users create. Uploads from the early days reflect the rudimentary nature of the technology available, utilising basic media options that have been surpassed significantly.

The rise of social media and the falling cost of recording equipment means that even the most amateur creators can use high-definition cameras to create crisp videos with exceptional audio quality without anything by the phone in their pockets. Content creators can use increasingly popular social media channels to generate audiences that allow them to earn a living through their online presence, and this is becoming a more and more popular way to market products.

Online video creation may not yet be ready to surpass traditional advertising methods, but it has certainly gone from being a relatively niche way to get the word out to a mainstream means of advertising and promoting products.

The future of online content creation

As an increasing number of services move towards online-only interactions with their customers and clients, the actions are increasingly automated and standardised to provide a consistent customer experience. However, one of the things that separates humans from machines is the ability to be creative and to speak to individuals in a way that they can relate to. 

As chat bots and artificial intelligence are rolled out to provide customer service and support, the demand for original thought, creativity, and problem-solving continues to drive the need for user-generated content. As more and more processes are automated, the importance of genuine, authentic content will increase, and users will appreciate honest reviews and tips from fellow gamers rather than simply reading the instructions and learning the associated statistics.

For those that have a good idea, a unique perspective, or just an appealing way of addressing their followers, content creation is a viable choice of career in several industries.