Self-pleasure has diversified in the 21st century. Nowadays, we can find various different sex toys on the market that cater to specific needs. Even the old, tried and tested tools for masturbation are getting tweaks and upgrades, and few have had as many innovations as the vibrator.

More often than not, the word “vibrator” is not well understood by people who are new to using sex toys. In this article, we hope to help them learn as much as possible about the range of toys that falls under this umbrella term. In addition, we will discuss how to choose the best kind of vibrator that suits our individual self-pleasure needs.

So, without further ado, let’s talk vibrators. 

What Is a Vibrator?

As its name suggests, a vibrator is a type of sex toy that stimulates the body through vibrations. The main feature that separates it from other sex toys is the fact that it’s “automatic”. In other words, it moves on its own at the push of a button or a flick of a switch.

Lots of people conflate vibrators and dildos in one overarching category. However, dildos and vibrators are not the same. So let’s briefly address the main differences. 

A dildo, broadly speaking, is a solid phallic-shaped masturbation tool that is most often used for manual insertion. It doesn’t get any simpler than that; it’s a fairly common sex toy that anyone can use. But when we examine that definition, we see that vibrators don’t match it, for several reasons:

  1. Not all vibrators are for insertion

  2. Not all vibrators are phallic-shaped

  3. A huge chunk of vibrators doesn’t require us to even use our hands

Naturally, the biggest difference between dildos and vibrators is in their interactivity. To put it simply, vibrators vibrate. Dildos don’t. As such, these two types of sex toys provide different kinds of pleasure when we use them. 

Myths About Vibrators

Due to their nature, sex toys have a bit of a stigma in broader society, and vibrators are no exception. In fact, there are quite a few different myths out there regarding these particular toys. However, we will only focus on a few key ones that get brought up most often.

Firstly, there’s the myth that using a vibrator will make actual sex feel less fulfilling. After all, an actual human penis doesn’t vibrate and can’t stimulate us in the same way that a vibrator can. But just because a sex toy is effective, it doesn’t mean that it can ruin someone’s sexual pleasure with a partner. In fact, the opposite is true; more often than not, partners enjoy using vibrators on each other during intercourse. And nearly all modern research points to vibrators enhancing rather than hindering sex with a partner.

Another common myth is that vibrators are only for women. We must take into account that the sex toy market is huge, and it caters to both genders. In other words, millions of men out there, irrespective of their sexuality, are buying and using vibrators. After all, as we will see in the buyer’s guide, not all vibrators are penetrative. Therefore, even men who don’t enjoy anal penetration can find a product that stimulates them in different ways.

Finally, there’s the myth that a vibrator guarantees an orgasm. That’s just simply not true. Even if we buy the best high-end model vibrator, it will not help us reach climax if we’re not enjoying its use. Some people simply can’t get an orgasm easily, while others may require a partner or a different kind of toy to stimulate them. 

Our 2023 Vibrator Buyer’s Guide

Now that we know a little bit more about vibrators, let’s focus on how we can get the best one to satisfy our self-pleasure needs. As we stated earlier, the market for these products is enormous and there are lots of models to choose from. So, for any beginner users out there, here’s a brief buyer’s guide.


Most newcomers to the vibrator game get intimidated by the sheer number of different products. A brief, incomplete list of product types includes:


  • Bullet vibrators

  • Wand massagers

  • G-spot vibrators

  • Rabbit vibrators

  • Egg vibrators

  • Finger vibrators

  • Butterfly vibrators

  • Clitoral suction vibrators

  • Wearable vibrators

  • Vibrator panties

  • Male vibrators

  • Couple’s vibrators

  • DIY options

Once again, we will only focus on the most prominent ones, but we highly encourage all of our readers to explore the other options on this list.

Let’s start with wand massagers. These toys are quite common, and they are most often used to stimulate the clitoris. Some models have the option to be inserted, but the majority are mere stimulators. Aside from the clitoris, we can use the wands on other sensitive parts of our body, such as the perineum or the nipples.

Bullet vibrators are a popular option with women, mainly due to their compact size and smooth, elegant look. Like wand massagers, they are excellent for clitoral stimulation, but they can also be used on other body parts. However, they are not safe for penetration since they are too small.

G-spot vibrators are a bigger, more intense variant of the bullet vibrator, and their purpose is to stimulate us through both vibration and insertion. Thanks to their usually curvy shape, they can tease the G-spot and simulate penetrative sex, increasing the pleasure. We don’t recommend using them anally, however, since a lot of them don’t have a flared base and can easily remain stuck inside.  

Rabbit vibrators offer the best of both worlds. They have a phallic shape like G-spot vibrators, but come with an additional section specifically added to stimulate the clit. This unique addition makes them look like rabbit ears, hence the name.    


Similarly to dildos, vibrators can vary in size. Roughly half of the clitoral stimulators, for example, will be barely bigger than a human pinky finger. On the other hand, we have some rabbit vibrators that can be quite sizable. Ultimately, the size choice will depend on what makes us feel good. If we merely require simple stimulation, a small, basic device will do the trick. Users who prefer the sensation of stretching out will want to aim for a large toy. 


Quite a few vibrators today are made of plastic, jelly, skin-safe rubber, or silicone. Of these materials, we recommend skipping jelly, since it’s quite porous and the least sanitary of the options. Plastic and silicone are the easiest to clean and maintain, and silicone, in particular, will offer the sensation that’s closest to real human skin. 


When shopping for sex toys, always remember two key points:


  • Never underspend

  • Never overspend


Paying less than $10 for a sex toy is risky, since the vibrator we buy may be faulty, rough, or even dangerous. The last thing we need is for it to break in the middle of stimulation and leave us unsatisfied. Plus, cheap vibrators are difficult to clean and can thus carry a lot of harmful germs.


Alternatively, it’s ridiculous to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a sex toy. There are some options out there that are literally plated with 24-karat gold. What we need is a toy that will help us achieve pleasure, and gold plating will neither help nor hinder that. There’s really no reason to get an elite vibrator for the same amount of money we could use to buy a compact used car.  


Vibrators can offer a wide variety of features, and here are the ones we recommend looking out for:


  • Multiple vibration speeds and intensities

  • Battery life

  • USB charging

  • Wirelessness

  • Smartphone compatibility

  • Noise level

  • Travel lock

  • Waterproof material

  • Ability to be heated up 

Vibrators in a Nutshell

More versatile than regular dildos, vibrators have a lot to offer to their owners. And considering the advances in technology, they will only get better in the upcoming years. And while buying one for the first time might feel a bit intimidating, we still recommend giving them a try. They may just transform your sex life and provide new, spectacular sensations during masturbation and partnered intercourse alike.