The popularity of online slots simply can’t be contested. No other game draws as many new players in daily, and there are many reasons for this.

Slots have been around since 1895, outdating many other casino games. This was when the first three-reel slot machine came into existence, designed by Charles Fey.

The Liberty Bell had pictures of playing cards, such as:

  • Spades

  • Diamonds

  • Hearts

  • Clubs

That you had to match, and similar games can be found now. However, in 1907, the more familiar five-reel slot machine was invented.

Slots were popular throughout the 20th century, and could be seen on every casino floor. However, it was when slots went online that their popularity really exploded.

Consider that most people can now play online slots with Virgin Games simply by taking out their mobile device. They no longer need to walk to the nearest fun establishment or casino.

This ease of play has made playing more popular than ever. Because slots are easy to play, often free and offer plenty of bonuses, more people are getting involved.

Of course, once players have been playing a while, the need to improve grows. It’s great fun to pass some time, but getting the most of the game becomes more important.

With a game where no skill is involved, is it possible to improve? Surprisingly, yes, and we’ll show you how.


  1. Choose to play at a reputed casino

Although slots are predominantly about luck, you can get a better edge when playing at reputed casinos. There are thousands of sites, but ones such as Virgin Games offer the best variety and edge.

Although new legislation tends to stamp out the dodgy casino sites fast, they still pop up. Check that your chosen site is licensed, has good customer support and good rewards.

Proper, trusted casino sites have your safety in mind too. There’s no point in banking a big win if you can’t cash out using your preferred method.


  1. Practice makes perfect

When people start playing slots, they are usually attracted by the ease of plug and play. You don’t need to know anything to start spinning.

What may surprise you is that a little practice goes a long way. The great thing about playing online is that you have the option to play for free.

Having the chance to practice means you can figure out what works in one game or another. For instance, some games have high volatility while others have low.

Games with high volatility pay out less often, but their pay-outs are larger. While the opposite is true for low volatility, you may win more often but smaller amounts.

This is important to learn, because what you prefer depends on what kind of player you are.

When you’re practising you can increase or decrease your bet size to see how the slot reacts. That’s why playing for free is good, giving you a chance to see which game suits you.

Different games have different edges too, so make sure you research all the games on offer.


  1. Maintain a bankroll strategy

When you find a slot game that you love, it can be easy to spend hours at it. Slots move fast too, so you can spin up to 300 times in an hour.

That’s why, to improve your game, it’s recommended to have a strategy. This should be tailored for when you’re on a winning streak or a losing one.

Sometimes it’s easy to convince ourselves that the next spin will be good, or the next. Sometimes it’s just a bad day, and we should accept that.

You’ll get far more enjoyment out of the game if you have a good bankroll strategy. It will mean that you keep more of your winnings and stop play when things aren’t going your way.

This improves your play as you get more out of your bankroll too. If you’re playing a high volatility game and have the bankroll, great.


  1. Develop a system

Many people will tell you that part of the beauty of slot games is that you don’t need a system. That’s true if you’re a beginner, as you can enjoy it from the moment you play.

However, if you want to improve your slot play, then you can develop a system. There are tried and tested ones out there, such as:

  • Fibonacci 

  • Martingale

And others developed by mathematicians and experienced players. There is a sense to these so if you apply them, you can see what works for you.

You can’t influence the outcome of the slot, but you can choose how you deal with it!

  1. Avoid substances

It may seem like a no-brainer but it isn’t discussed often enough. If you want to improve your gaming ability on any game, then you need to avoid substances while playing.

It may seem like a harmless idea to have a drink and then play a game, particularly to relax. However, it isn’t going to improve your gameplay.

You’re more likely to make silly decisions and ignore your strategy when you play if you have any substances. It’s a better idea to keep your game play for other times when you need to wind down.

Slots are entertaining and exhilarating. There’s even the chance that you’ll win big.

The way to improve is start small and with low volatility slots. Then find one or two favourite games and get better at those, especially using free spins.