A place where you can't get 86'd for falling asleep at the bar …

We don’t ask for much in this world: happy hour on the weekends, competent drivers in the fast lane and roommates that don’t share soap. That was until we learned about the Nap Bar in Dubai; a brilliant concept that allows tired young bucks the opportunity to catch a nap or two during the busy day of running the rat race.

Launched by France-based furniture studio Smarin, Nap Bar is equipped with everything you’d expect, and want, in a place dedicated to napping in broad daylight: soft dune-shaped chairs, special nap pillows, access to herbal teas and essential oils and above all, access to lullabies for when napping isn’t coming easy. The Bar is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day and is free for all willing nappers. 

The concept for the Nap Bar is only temporary as the company studies how people respond to napping during the day. If respondents are anything like the bums at The Rooster, the concept will work just fine.