Are you one of those people that want to immerse themselves in some good ol’ local music, but have no idea where to begin? We used to be that, and will easily admit that it’s pretty frightening. There’s – probably with little to no exaggeration – over 10,000 bands, acts and artists here that range in genres unimaginable to the casual listener’s ears. It’s a bustling state that adds more talent by the quickening day. Having choices on that kind of massive scale is intimidating. Lucky for you, we’ve got your back and want to help you get all kinds of turnt up this summer in the most local of ways possible.

A new compilation album called “This Ain’t No Cowtown, vol 6” is from an ardent music supporter named John Baxter. He runs the ZetaKaye House collective and has been doing so for a long, long time. He literally spends hours blindly listening to submissions and fields the task of curating the best of them to introduce fans to our bustling music industry. The compilation is on a “pay what you will” scale, and all proceeds go to the Seventh Circle Music Collective.

In a social media posting not long ago, Baxter says that his ultimate duty with the “This Ain’t No Cowtown” series is to hopefully build some nostalgia around the tunes that he himself is so attached to from his earlier years as a growing devotee.

“My interest and love for comps started in 1994,” writes Baxter. “After playing a show at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, Fat Mike was handing out the 'Fat Music For Fat People' comp. It was free, and jammed with bands I had interest in. This CD received many rotations on my Discman, and I came to love it as a complete album.

This is the spirit behind Cowtown. It's free, and eclectic enough to appeal to all tastes. I truly hope you find Vol 6 to be equally suiting.”