Here's how sea level rise is going to wipe out all your favorite cities and make the entire world move into your dry, comfortable Colorado 'hood.

A Seattle-based urban planner has created maps of cities around the world showing the alarming results of what the world would look like submerged in water after climate change caused all of the world's glaciers to melt. And although the landscape is borderline unrecognizable in his maps, it's a nice reminder to buy a fuckin' Prius, you polluting Escalade son-of-a-bitch.

Though the doomsday scenario in which all of the world's glaciers melt down to nothing could be thousands of years in the future, it would turn many loved cities – including Portland, New York and Los Angeles – into island penninsulas that bear zero resemblance to what they do today.

Already, coastal cities around the world have been affected by global climate change, melting polar ice and warming ocean waters that have had concerning results on rising sea levels. That in itself has changed weather patterns and displaced millions of people. Even more depressing, the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that if all of the world's glaciers melted, sea level would rise by more than 260 feet.

And that's what the urban planner who made these maps based his designs off of.

Of course, being from Seattle, he ignored East coast cities other than NYC and focused on the West coast, but it's even more interesting over here on the West Side because the various mountain ranges and tectonic fault lines create mountains and hills that'll one day turn into islands.

The East coast, being mostly flat and mini-mountained, isn't so lucky. They're just plain fucked.

But, don't worry too much, because the guy who created these maps gave all the areas that'll be washed away some very sassy names, like "Ex-Lax" for the area where LAX, Los Angeles' airport used to be. 

He even did a map of Palm Springs, Indio and the Coachella Valley where the Coachella Music Festival is, because he knew you'd be more concerned about whether you could still see OutKast in the desert than the millions of people that would be displaced to your comfortably dry Colorado hood.

Check them out for a glimpse into the future and an explanation why every man, woman and child is going to be moving to Colorado in the not-so-distant future.