It's 4:21 p.m. and you're waiting for the warm wave of THC intoxication to envelop you, but there's something that's been weighing on your mind: how strong is the weed you just blazed? Are you going to be interact normally like a normal person hellbent on normalcy, or do you need to be making arrangements for a few of your friends to roll you around on a beanbag atop a Little Red Wagon because you lost your feet and also believe you're a Sultan?

You never know these days, which is why we found you all these hilarious psychedelic GIFs from São Paulo-based artist Mestre Fungo. Depending on whether they just make you slightly smile or feel like your body's being shot into space, you should get a pretty good idea of how much of that weed is actually catnip and how much is kush. You are so welcome.