Another day, another YouTube protest …

Welp, here we are, another day, another dumbass looking for a voice. It seems the new thing now is to go to Target, protest their personal bathroom policy and film it for the whole of YouTube to pass judgments on one way or another. 

Honestly, we don't have what people would consider a very "optimistic" view of the world, yet we hope that the following guy's actions are an extreme rarity. First of all, most everything of what this person has to say is complete bullshit, there aren't any court cases against pedophiles taking advantage of bathroom policies, and Target probably hasn't lost any money because a few blowhards are attempting to boycott the store. 

Hell, we dropped like, $200 bucks there just this past weekend when we only had to buy a few things. Target gets us with that EVERY DAMN TIME. If there's any crime being committed here, it's the felony of being such a god damned good store.

Check out this happy horseshit: 

"Don't be fooled by Target," he says? Fooled us out of our money because there are always so many great deals and products to be had! Fooled us by marketing and capitalistic enterprise, maybe!

At least there were a few customers standing up for what they felt was right. More of them, less of the protests, please …