We'll need to max out a few credit cards for this baby … 

The American people have gotten fucked over at lot in the recent years when it comes to promises of a "hoverboard." First there were a whole mess of fake videos, and then those stupid wheelie-roller things that you stand on, and then basically a mattress that got about three inches off the ground. We want a real, zipping through the air like a goddamn rocket, honest hoverboard! And we want it now!

And someone has finally heard our whiny pleas, because it's real. It's here.

Franky Zapata, the guy who made those water-jet hoverthings that people float around on, recently soared through the sky at an average speed of 34 miles per hour for about four minutes. Unlike his original Flyboard — a tethered, water-based jetpack that works in conjunction with a boat or jet ski — Zapata's new Flyboard Air invention is completely unattached and independent.

Supposedly this crazy airborne platform can reach an altitude of 10,000 feet and speeds up to 93 miles an hour during 10 minutes of autonomous flight.

Holy shit … We really, really wanted one, until we saw how goddamn dangerous that looks.