How many opportunities to succeed can one guy be handed in a lifetime?

Tim Tebow hasn't played baseball since high school, but that isn't going to stop him from trying to go pro.

The former Denver Bronco quarterback announced via his agents, Jimmy Sexton and Nick Khan, that later this month he's inviting MLB scouts to watch him workout and bat balls around or whatever he does. He also kind of gave his current employer, ESPN, what we normal people consider our 'two week notice' — as he's already informed the news outlet of his go-getter intentions. What this means for sports? Probably nothing.

But man, what shitty luck this guy has had. Born into extreme privilege, going to college on a scholarship, being picked in the first round of the NFL draft and then having two other teams give him second and third chances to play in the league when no one else wanted the distraction — and he still failed. Like, how many opportunities can one lifetime hand someone?

Now he's downgrading to baseball, the Dollar Store of professional sports. We get that finding a decent job is tough in this economy, but … damn, baseball? Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson he is not.

At least he's not coming back to the Broncos, we can all sleep well tonight knowing that's never going to happen again. Can't really imagine this move is going to change anyone's life in any quantifiable way, though.

And if you really want to watch, here's some guy whose voice doesn't fit his face slowly explain why Tebow is making a decent lifestyle change: