When I was in high school, my theater group (s.t.f.u) organized a trip every year to New York City. We’d see a Broadway show and walk around Times Square and if our parents gave us some money, we’d come home with a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a screenprinted "NYPD" or maybe something bedazzled because why not? #newyork

I haven’t been back since I hugged the cowboy who walks around in his underwear so with barely any time to spare in between plans and with all the anxiety in the world, I took on the beast that is Times Square. I learned a lot about myself. Like the fact I hate crowded spaces (okay, I knew that one), I do not have the speed to take photos of the people (and the tourists) of New York but hey, I tried. I also learned that people are actually really cool. All a human being really wants in this life is a sweet photo of themselves in front of some bright LED lights in the largest city of the U.S of A and maybe a magnet. I think of how many others have stood exactly here in awe and wonder, myself included.