Back in August for our Quickie Reviews section of the magazine, we boldly proclaimed that the Denver based alt-rock-fusion outfit A. Tom Collins released one of the best albums of the year so far. “Stick & Poke,” we said, is a refreshing collection of time-traveling melodies that magically brings forth an insatiable urge for top-shelf booze and speakeasy harlots. And unless there are fifty artists from now until Dec. 31st that deliver up something special, our honest and inarguably reputable “best of” statement will certainly hold true.

This morning the band released a video for “Hospital” – one of the tracks from that sumptuous album. We’re willing to bet that the nature of the video rings all too familiar with our readers, in that sometimes you just get too wasted to not sleep in the alley; only to wake up and hurry into that tie you hate and scramble indecisively, hoping to make it to work on time.

Because, well, Monday – you don’t have to think about it for another 60 hours. Cheers!