Every year before summer, we ask top industry experts in the field of booze what it is that makes them wake up every morning to do what they do. Answers often differ wildly — but doesn't the world of alcohol not do the same? Below are the answers from founders and brewers of top breweries in the nation (read: Colorado) when asked: 


“Danny at Caution brewed up a Peking Duck Gose with Moonlight Pizza for Collaboration Fest. I like Gose and I want to eat so much Peking Duck that it’s unhealthy, but I would prefer to eat the duck and wash it down with Gose as opposed to having both in one sip!”
– Branden Miller – co-founder and director of operations, Black Shirt Brewing

“Cucumber Gose from Spangalang. I’m not a fan of cucumbers but the beer was good and made a great Red Beer.”
-Kurt Randall – head brewer, Ska Brewing

“I had a beer where they actually cooked crabs in the wort during the boil. However, it didn’t taste nearly as crabby as I thought it would. … I’m not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed about that.”
-Hannah Olbrich – director of possibilities, Twisted Pine

“I was once judging a home brew competition and someone literally made a salad beer. No joke. It was green, tasted like kale and had all sorts of suspended vegetable particles. To answer the second question you are thinking: this was far away from Boulder.”
-Mike Lawinski – owner/founder, Twisted Pine

“I’ve come across some strange ones. We did a home brewing contest years ago and we tasted one submission that pretty much unanimously said tasted like bologna. It did not proceed into the next round.”
-David Zuckerman – brewmaster, Boulder Beer Co.

“It might be the glitter beer … that’s strange.”
-Tim Matthews – head brewer, Oskar Blues Brewery

“Ghost Face Killah from Twisted Pine. I’m not a huge fan of spicy peppers in beer, and this one takes the cake. Ghost peppers will tear your face off in this bottle.”
-Danny Oberle – head brewer, Crooked Stave

“Bologna Stout.”
-Brett Williams – founder/co-owner/director of brewing, Little Machine Brewing

“One time an intern offered me some of his home brewed ‘Fresh Squeezed Breast Milk Stout’ that he made with his wife.”
-Jeff Doyle – brewer, Odell Brewing Company

[cover photo Brendan Church via Unsplash]