Dragon boobs and frozen bastard cocks FTW!

What a time to be alive.

It used to be that you had to make friends with the rich kids on the block to see nudity on television. Their parents would unwittingly purchase HBO or Cinemax, you'd coincidentally invite yourself over for a sleepover on the weekends, and when the adults went down, a few hours of soft-core was waiting. That, or you'd sit through fifteen minutes of static on high-number channels to get something like this …

"I think I just saw a boob!"

Now though, sex is everywhere; and Game of Thrones is King. As it turns out, however, the creators of the wildly popular series are having a hard time keeping their polarizing smut off the web. People are continuing to upload gigs of sex to content fields, especially Pornhub.

HBO ain't letting that shit fly though, and is taking action against the site to remove copyrighted material and parodys that use the likeness of some of the more searched characters, including Jon Snow, Margaery Tyrell and — of course — the Khaleesi, Queen of Dragons. 

"HBO is aware of the issue and is in the process of getting material taken down from Pornhub," the outlet tells BBC.

But it's big business for PornHub, at least according to data it released last month about what people are searching for once on the site. "Game of Thrones" searches skyrocketed nearing the premiere of season 6. You dirty birds, you.

PornHub has yet to make a comment, but it's not likely it will put up much of a fight over copyrighted content. We're sure a company that large isn't willing to crumble because of a few dragon boobs and frozen bastard cocks. 

But, who is anyone kidding, this is the age of the Internet, and where there's a will there's a way. This stuff is going to be all over the place for at least the next year or so. Until something else comes along, that is.

Harry Pornter, perhaps? It's a work in progress …