Nighttime rioting, is there really any other kind? It’s like, if someone’s really all that hopped up or pissed off come morning, a serious intervention need take place. But a little evening hooliganism never hurt anyone. Rebelling through the night into the wee hours of the morning is just unnecessary and honestly, some people work. The nighttime is the right time for such antics.

So goes the nocturnal behavior of the rock star. Its one that wouldn’t turn down a morning gig, but in reality, probably never has to. The ultra radio-friendly Night Riots have yet to find themselves in that position, but have managed to travel pavement, roaming the country all the same. The tour supporting their new EP “Young Lore” brings them to Denver and the Marquis Theater on September 10th, 2013.

The Rooster managed to swap-convo with vocalist Travis Hawley before their appearance next week and somehow conned him into giving us tickets to pay forward. Read below to find out how to win a guest list spot for you and a friend (or just another person) for the show.*

In your own words, describe the music you all play.

"Indie rock, gloom pop."

New bands that hit the scene always have to have some sort of comparison to other, more successful acts. Do you enjoy the connections?

"Absolutely. People need to be able to categorize things in their minds, which helps us make a quick decision if we like it or not. Generally we relate our observations to something that we have already experienced. When we were first making music I would get offended by people drawing comparisons between us and other bands, (but) now I’m flattered because all of the bands that we are compared to are amazing. We get The Cure, U2, The Killers, The Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo…"

Our own celebrity heartthrob list here at The Rooster is usually topped by Colin Farrell, or Val Kilmer – or both. See we just can’t decide? What’s your “top five” list?

"1. Brad Pitt

2. Leo DeCaprio

3. Tom Hardy

4. Christian Bale

5. Mel Gibson.

Wait… were these supposed to be girls?!"

We’re always told that the road is a bittersweet thing for acts. You get to do what you love, but you also have to lug your own shit and eat poorly. What’s your take?

"I think that as long as things are moving up and forward then I would choose no other life. I could see it getting difficult if you were constantly touring and not progressing. I personally like to call tour "the eternal slumber party." We just hang out, make music, play video games and watch movies."

What are a few of the musical acts that you’ve been listening to lately?

"Mikky Ekko, The Strokes, Haim, Death Grips, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Mona."

Let’s be honest, not all music is incredible. What’s on your “garbage list” right now?

"You know, I'm pretty open to most stuff. I even opened up my Google Pay app to see if I could find something I wasn't really digging and I'm having trouble. I guess if I had to choose I would say Lil' Wayne and REM. I can respect both of their music, but have never been a fan."

Are you a “waver” when someone lets you into a lane of traffic, or do you not bother?

"Yes, I will wave. Or creepily wink."

Is music a full-time gig for everyone or are there other jobs amongst you?

"This is definitely all we do."

Many things in pop-culture now have names for their followers, like Trubies (True Blood) or Swifters (Taylor Swift), what would Night Riot fans be called?


What can people expect out of the Night Riots show that’s coming to Denver?

"Blood, sweat, tears, some hysteria, maybe some Gregorian chants. Overall just an amazing performance."

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