This guy is not about to let his house burn down without grabbing some frosty PBRs in the process.


Georgia man Walter Serpit just wants to drink a beer while he watches his world burn. The brave hero waltzed right into a wall of fire that was consuming his burning home, just so he could grab a few cold ones from his house.

He had been watching TV with his family and friends when the fire started. Terrified, he fled the property with the rest of his family and enjoyed a brief moment of gratefulness that he'd survived the ordeal. But that's when it hit him. His most prized possession was still inside. It was his precious. It was his beer. Something came over him as he broke away from his family and charged back inside. Just then, a true hero was born.

"I told them to get the kids out and everything, and me myself, being an alcoholic, I was trying to get my beer out," he told reporters. "You feel me?" Oh, we feel you.

Laughing in the face of death and third degree burns, he strode right back into his flame-engulfed house, on a mission to rescue the delicious beverage from certain destruction. He located the frosty delight and was about to escape for a second time, when a monstrous back draft caused the door to shut on him. He was trapped inside the inferno. Just him, and his beer. We like to think he took a gulp of liquid courage and gathered the strength to open the door. Stumbling out of the house, he clutched his beer to his chest like a child, returning to his family, safe and sound. Further proof that with beer, you can be anything you want. Even a hero.