Every time a presidency concludes, there’s usually a big cash grab of a memoir written about it afterwards. For instance, Obama wrote “A Promised Land” about his presidency, with Bush Jr. writing his own respective memoir following his stint in office.

Now, President Trump has taken on this metaphorical torch to release “Our Journey Together” which, instead of being a poignant memoir, is a $75 coffee table picture book featuring captions written by the man himself.

It’s a startling development for many of us who until recently were under the impression that the former president couldn’t actually read. For the last several years, we’ve always assumed that Trump’s correspondence was done through elaborate games of Pictionary and crude hand gestures, but we stand corrected. 

According to The Independent, the book features captions that regale readers of the president’s run ins with “Crazy Nancy Pelosi” and how “Mark Zuckerberg would come to the White House and kiss my ass.”

We were unable to confirm whether this aforementioned caption actually included a photo of the Facebook-founding lizard person kissing the former president’s ass, or if it was just some perverted term of endearment. 

The book is published through a company called Winning Team Publishing, and if that sounds like a company that was lazily produced to exploit the wallets of a Republican fan base, that’s because it kind of is.

In addition to purchasing the regular book for $75, signed copies are available for a mere $230. The signed copies allegedly sold out after two days of going on sale.

Sergio Gor, a spokesperson for Winning Team Publishing, offered a very unbiased and humble statement about the release of the book, saying “President Donald Trump's success in publishing is unmatched. No one has ever sold a premium product this fast to such a large number of people.”

It’s not the first time Trump’s tried to cash in through presidential merchandise. In fact, all sorts of useless bullshit can be purchased in the “Save America” shop, such as wrapping paper with Trump’s face on it, pint glasses with Trump’s logo on it, and even a “Trump Card” which we shit you not looks like 1940s Nazi propaganda.

The book has come out to mixed reviews. 

For instance, one Goodreads user gave the book a single star, explaining that she hasn’t actually read the book, but hopes that it reads like a twitter account with pictures.

Conversely, Goodreads user “Sandy” gave the book five out of five stars, proffering the concise and well-written review, “Let’s Go Brandon.”