You might have heard about those detox drinks for marijuana – you know, those cleansing drinks that you can supposedly use in order to pass a urine drug test or a drug screen. The truth of the matter is – some of them do work and some of them do not. And also there are other factors to consider. For instance, the effectivity of a cleansing drink may depend strongly on the amount of time a subject has before he has to undergo the urine test.

                                                    (Tetrahydrocannibinol molecule)

Marijuana detox drinks vs waiting for drugs to clear naturally

Another thing that you can do to help pass marijuana testing is also one of the simplest – just allow your body to cleanse itself from the drugs by natural means. Fortunately, marijuana is one of those drugs that can be broken down by the human body and naturally expelled from the system. All you need to do is give it some proper time. How much time exactly? Well, for a person in relatively good health and good shape, his body can get rid of the weed in a matter of four to six weeks. Of course, a proper diet and regular exercise certainly will help.

Obviously, the cleansing period may vary depending on each person. Moreover, you need also take into account just how much weed has been taken for a period of time and how regularly.

THC Detox Drinks for 3-7 days before your urine test

If you have about a week or less before you are required to undergo a urine test, know that there are a number of detox drinks for THC that you can use. If taken properly, these cleansing drinks should be able to eliminate all traces of marijuana from your system in a matter of days. A good example is that there are products which focus on per day cleaning from 1 to 10 days of cleaning. There are also those that offer cleansing liquid which targets the urine just like what water can do.

For Urine Drug Test In 24 hours

An upcoming urine test just 24 hours away is obviously much trickier to pass, but not entirely impossible. Out of all the products that are presented on sites today, there is always a detoxifying item that can help out anyone that needs 1-day efficiency. How does it achieve this? It mainly focuses on cleansing your bladder as well as your urinary tract, clearing toxin metabolites in six hours. If your drug test is a day away, six hours should give you some leeway. But you have to bear in mind though that the toxin metabolites still present in the other parts of your body (not counting your bladder and urinary tract) will in due time still find their way to your bladder, which means that your urine will not remain as clean. In other words, you only have a limited window for the cleansing drink to keep you drug-free. As mentioned earlier, this particular scenario is indeed tricky. That is why many prefer to take advantage of synthetic urine.

Detoxing drinks vs synthetic urine

To be perfectly clear, synthetic urine (also known as fake urine) is not technically a detox drink. In every sense, it is still urine, with the only difference is that unlike regular urine, synthetic urine is free of any toxins. Needless to say, most detox drinks taste better than synthetic urine, but none of them are as effective. Yes, with synthetic urine, you are literally taking urine, but it is urine you can trust to be clean, which in a drug test is what matters most.

Does synthetic urine work for drug tests?

So how exactly does synthetic urine beat drug tests, you might ask. The trick is in producing consistent results. Fake urine is so consistent that labs even make use of it when testing the accuracy of their drug testing kits. The important thing for anybody using synthetic urine for a drug test is to make sure nobody recognizes it as fake. This means that if you have to use fake urine, pick one that comes with quality. One example of such is Sub-Solution – it is hard to detect and has totally zero toxins. It even comes with a chemical heating powder, which you can use to heat the urine in just seconds. It also offers a 200 percent money back guarantee.