It's called Girls Unawares, and it's here to help you slide into those DMs with an edge.

Anyone can take a nude these days. And by God, they do.

That's why, given the volume of naked selfies pouring in and out of our phones and computers, it's important to differentiate yours from the pack. Show you've got pizzazz. You know, bodily je ne sais quoi … and other fancy European words. 

That's where the Girls Unawares Tumblr comes in. Not your standard art Tumblr, Girls Unawares is a NSFW world of neon phalluses, vaginal pies and the occasional breast with tentacles; all surreal takes on the dingy, poorly-lit world of Internet erotica. By upgrading regular old nudes into bizarre, candy-colored weirdness, the anonymous artist behind the account hopes to offer uncanny "deconstructions" of the way we see our jiggling naked bods.

After all, the only way to truly embrace your body these days is certainly to 3D render it and cover it in tiny bubbles and Gucci logos.

Apparently, this masked man works out of Hamburg, Germany, where he's been creating “sexualized portraits for the Tumblr generation” since 2012. His latest project, though, pushes it to the limit by offering other Tumblr users the chance to have one made for themselves.


Great. All you have to do is send the artist your Tumblr account (your photos can be nude or not, doesn't matter), and he will create his own colorful, unreal version of your naked body for you to wow Tinder with.

“I want us to get a normal feeling about our genitals,” he explained to Dazed. “I want us to forget about how religion and media sees our body and our sexuality. Our bodies and genitals are fat, different, perfect, sweaty, muscular, similar – maybe even the wrong we’re born with! It’s no one else's business instead of us and the person who likes it.”

… And the thousands of people who see it on Tumblr, but that doesn't dissuade a soul from submitting.

“I have an endless list of requests and it grows every day,” he said. “For the next couple of years I can easily imagine going on with these portraits.”

Looks you've got time to take the perfect underboob photo that makes you look both approachable and completely unapproachable while simultaneously conveying your neo-feminist belief that blah, blah, blah, boobs.

Check out some of his more SFW portraits below, and get your own by visiting Girls Unawares’ official account here.