Turns out the dirtiest mouths are also the most emotionally stable … and the ones everyone wants to put their body parts in.

For as long as we can fucking remember, cursing has been one of those taboo linguistic things that we've been taught by parents and precocious children we babysit to avoid.

Of course, that only makes us want to swear more. We're pretty sure that if you've ever read one of our articles, you've noticed they contain more expletives than Urban Dictionary. And while we're not exactly proud of our dirty mouths (we are), we're slightly more fucking proud today now that a recent study has discovered that swearing is not only healthy, but it also makes you hotter.

During the study, researchers found that cursing actually helps people cope with and interpret emotionally strenuous situations. So anytime someone indignantly tells you to "Please refrain from using the word 'shittycockfucker' in my presence!" they're actually stunting your motherfuckin' emotional progress.

“We want to use more taboo words when we are emotional," Dr. Richard Stephens says in a presentation to the British Psychological Society. "We grow up learning what these words are and using these words while we are emotional can help us to feel stronger. Some words are more taboo than others  — but the effects can be greater, the stronger the word.”

What's more, is not only does swearing help you feel more confident, but it also makes people more attractive because confidence is one of the hottest things on this expletive expletive planet. 

But, how attractive? Is it a niche thing, or a full on nationwide fetish?

In a radio and online survey conducted by The Frisky, both men and women agree that swearing can be a turn-on, but only when done in appropriate contexts. Cursing only makes someone hotter and appear more confident when it's in the right context. Translation: A maternity ward is no place to slowly scan your eyes left and right across the scenery and go, "What the fuck is this shit?"

Long story short: bottling emotions is bad for your health. Expressing yourself makes you more emotionally stable and confident, and that's attractive. So if dropping an F-bomb or maybe 3,318 of them helps blow off steam or express some true feelings, fucking go for it, shit yeah … dick.