Parker, Colo.

Dream job:
Working for Alexander Wang.

Biggest pet peeve: 
People that are conceited.

Describe what you look for in a partner: 
Funny, kind, and this is probably kind of a basic response, but outgoing.

One thing you can’t live without?

Why do you think you’re a catch?
I would say that I’m very easy to get along with.

What is your Zodiac sign?

Do you think you’re a jealous person?
Yeah, I do.

Favorite TV series to binge on?

What is the most annoying habit other couples do? 
PDA, I hate it so much.


Greensboro, N.C.

Dream job:
I have it, commercial growing.

Biggest pet peeve: 
Probably when someone asks a question, you answer, and they tell you, “No.” Like your response is incorrect.

Describe what you look for in a partner: 
Super fun, outgoing, outdoorsy and 420 friendly.

One thing you can’t live without? 
My dog.

Why do you think you’re a catch? 
‘Cause I’m funny, and I’m different.

What is your Zodiac sign?

Do you think you’re a jealous person?

Favorite TV series to binge on?
Right now I’m back on Curb Your Enthusiasm, because I am Larry David.

Cabana kicks off the night by bringing out samples of their homemade Fresca drinks, which are delicious! After the daters sip on those for a bit and get to know one another, we pull them aside to see how the first impressions are going.

Before having a chance to meet them, what’s going through your head?
J: I was really nervous, but excited.
L: I knew Rooster wouldn’t throw me under the bus, so I wasn’t too worried.

Then you see the dater, what are you thinking?
J: That he’s definitely my type.
L: She’s cute, it was kind of a relief. It actually made me a little more nervous now that I think about it.

What’s the first thing you noticed about them?
J: His sweatshirt/fleece and tattoos.
L: Her finger tat, not many girls go for that.

How were the first impressions?
J: Good, he’s very talkative so it wasn’t awkward at all. He’s really cool about everything.
L: I mean, it was good. She’s really cute and she’s really nice.

Are they someone you’d normally date?
J: Yes.
L: Haven’t had enough time to talk to her; I have been talking a lot I guess.

What are you looking for from the other dater?
J: Just a fun time and good conversation. 
L: I was gonna invite her to go out later so … that?

Give us three words that describe your current dating life. 
J: Pretty low key.
L: Focusing on work.

What advice did your friends give you?
J: Be yourself, stop stressing about it, just have fun and don’t touch your face. … I always touch my face.
L: Don’t be late.

Off to a great start! The daters seem genuinely into each other and we start to feel like our matchmaking skills are back on track. After an appetizer of the house’s favorite Rum Fire Shrimp and some Cuban inspired dinner plates, we pull the daters aside again to see if Logan got to learn more about Jenelle, or if he was still doing most of the talking. 

How was dinner?
J: Delicious, suuuuper good! I got the platter with the pork mmm…
L: It was good!

How’s the date going?
J: It’s good!
L: Going good! I mean, it’s going better than I expected. It’s kind of a perfect first date. 

Now that you’ve had time to talk, are you attracted to them?
J: Yes.
L: Yeah.

If you could give them a trophy what would it be for?
J: Making conversation.
L: She has a really pretty smile and really nice eyelashes.

What do you and the dater have in common?
J: We have the same taste in comedy movies, we both love Superbad.
L: There’s been a couple, like we both love Superbad.

Are you holding back?
J: Yeah.
L: No, this is me. I don’t change for anybody.

What would your friends and family say about them?
J: They would like him.
L: That she’s pretty, seems really nice. Although my mom is really picky, but she’d totally approve.

How’s the chemistry?
J: I don’t really think there’s much. I feel like right now maybe it’s two friends talking, maybe eventually, but just not yet.
L: It’s good, I just feel like I’m talking too much, probably the only downside.

Are you looking forward to more time with them?
J: Yeah.
L: Yeah.

Logan’s still doing a lot of the talking, but it doesn’t seem to be a turn-off for either of them. We leave the daters and Cabana for the evening, but with how well it seems to be going, make it a point to ask the next day if we missed anything. Logan had mentioned going to Rec Room later that night, so we need to know if she joined.

What happened after dinner? 
J: After dinner we stayed for about another 30 minutes or so to chat and finish our drinks. Then he got my number and we parted ways.
L: We stayed at Cabana for a while. I didn’t even know Rooster had left. I asked if she wanted to come to Rec Room with me, but had to run to get homework done by midnight. 

What was your favorite part of the date?
J: My favorite part of the date was just meeting someone new and chatting with them; it was a fun time!
L: Talking about conspiracies with her and meeting a new person. It was cool how into the different conspiracies she was, like we talked about the Denver Airport for a while!

After all was said and done, how was the night?
J: I’m happy I did it and have no regrets. It was a fun experience.
L: Really good, because it was nice to meet someone new and have a really good conversation.

Would you have changed anything about the date?
J: Nope!
L: Definitely not, not one thing.

Final question, would you go on a second date with them? 
J: Maybe. I really like him as a person, but I can’t tell if we’re better off as friends or something more yet.
L: Definitely, we’ve actually been texting about hanging out again since she wasn’t able to make it to out last night — so looking forward to that.

Jenelle didn’t join him for dancing that night, but sounds like some hangouts may be happening down the road. Perhaps hanging out without an interview between bites will give them a chance to figure out if things are leading to romance or not. Either way, we’re calling this a successful date. Thanks to Cabana for an awesome atmosphere, fun staff, and amazing food and beverages. Keep sending in your friends so we can have more success stories!