We could use a few more happiness points right about now … 

Booze is the best. Ever notice how much fun people have whenever they drink some? If you ever spend time on Pearl Street after 6 p.m., you won't be able to deny that those kids are having the time of their lives. If haters try to shut you down, just remember this piece of advice:

So with this party-centric logic in mind, scientists set out to discover exactly how much better your life becomes after a few drinks. 

Researchers from Great Britain decided to dissect all those hammered, fun-loving Brits and look at how much more fun they end up having. The main question of their study: Do people report being happier when they're drinking?

Using nearly 2 million responses from over 31,000 people recorded between 2010 and 2013, they kept track of how happy each person felt during the day, sober, drunk and afterward.

The results?

"Drinking alcohol is associated with considerably greater happiness at that moment — 10.79 points on a 0-100 scale," the researchers found. In other words, pour yourself a drink and boom — an immediate happiness boost. So just by having a beer or two, you get a free 10 points of happiness out of nowhere. Thank you, science. 

But you'll only be happy as long as you're drunk. They found that while alcohol consumption was associated with transient happiness, it was not linked to long-term satisfaction. So if you need a quick fix, chug a beer. But if your life sucks all over most of the time, you're on your own. 

We need a drink. And as always, we'll use our customary cheers: