Goddamn middle schoolers are supposed to figure this out? Oh man. 

Think you're still as sharp as you were in middle school? Those decades of McDonalds, binge drinking and multiple concussions couldn't have diminished your mental faculties, right? Just to make sure you're still at 100%, just take a peak at this word problem from a Taiwanese math class. 

Everyone in the office took a whack at this, and you'd think that one of us would've gotten it out of luck alone, but no. The THC Classic was only a few weeks ago, and we're still a little fuzzy. 

That Cheryl is a bitch, and she deserves to have her birthday taken away. That's the answer. There's a special place in hell for people who create this nonsense.

We miss the old viral sensations — we'd much rather complain for hours about the color of a dress than try to solve impossible word problems. 

If you need the answer, you can find it here