The days, they just keep getting stranger. 

And lately, more and more frightening, too. In just the past month, we've seen areas of the world get completely pulverized by active volcanoes — a rare occasion many of us will only see a few times in our lives. 

Yet when the "Volcano of Fire" erupted in Guatemala not long ago, the area surrounding it wasn't ready. Sadly, 99 people have been confirmed dead from it, and many more are presumed to be. For these communities, it's catastrophic.

Drone footage uploaded to YouTube by Dave Clark shows just how bad it is. In no fewer words, the results are unbelievable. 

As the description on YouTube goes, this "drone footage shows the town of Escuintla, Guatemala, in a lifeless state after the eruption of the Volcano of Fire, with houses and trees covered with a thick coat of grey soot."

[media provided by Dave Clark, AP]