Only 123 days until beach bod season.

Oh tequila, the curse of Mexico that never stops giving … or taking, we’re not sure which.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned beyond the path of destruction Mexican juice has unleashed on our lives, it’s that no matter how many times we wake up to the nickname "Tequila Man," we’re never going to pass up the opportunity when offered a shot. Now, we don't have to in the name of science. You can't argue with science folks. 

New research from the American Chemical Society suggests that tequila offers a healthier alternative to a night of drinking and can even promote weight loss. That’s right folks, shots for everyone! Turns out, the agavin sugar in the blue agave plant — which is used to make most tequila, and not Jose Cuervo — isn't digestible by the body, and that's good news. This lack of digestibility translates into lower blood sugar. For anyone out of the loop on health issues, the body stores sugar into that fat roll hanging out of your shirt commemorating the one 3K you ran to help the children's hospital in 2001. Still got it buddy. 

The American Chemical Society further titillated the fancy of tequila drinkers by suggesting that tequila not only lowers blood sugar levels, but the agavin sugars also suppress appetite — and as any sorority girl can tell you, not eating really helps with the weight loss process. Drinker's warning: not eating food while drinking tequila is a very bad, bad idea. Take it from us and our many public indecency tickets. 

So there you have it, you imbibing bastards, tequila is the answer for achieving the perfect body that you will ultimately be dragging home through the thorn bushes of your neighbor's yard after a long night of elbowing-up. What’s the other option? Going to the gym? Fuck that.