They came, they saw, they conquered. Kudos to Prince and 3rdeyegirl for blowing television stagnation through the wall this past weekend.

We’re guessing there were only a handful of our readers actually home in time to watch Saturday Night Live this weekend. If you were one of them, you probably caught the undeniable magic Prince and his backing band 3rdeyegirl bestowed upon the skit show, which is now in its 40th season on television. If not, whatever, there's always the Internet.

Really, there’s not much else to say, except that we bow to the Purple One and salute the three lovely ladies in his ridiculous band 3rdeyegirl. At 8 minutes it’s, in TV terms, quite long, but as with anything Prince does it transcends time restrictions and has us wishing every channel consecutively looped his performances.

In two years when the next election cycle rolls around, we suggest there be a validation code that goes with each voting ballot. Once the ballot is in, the code diverts away attack ads from homes and immediately replaces them with Prince videos. Voter turn-out will be at a solid hundo-percent. Count on it.