Twenty-two-year-old Abraham Duarte did not want to go to jail. 

But he'd been riding dirty all day with seven vials of liquid THC in his car, so when the cherries and berries rolled up behind him, he panicked, and took the fuck off. 

And when you do that, police will often chase you. It's their job, after all. 

And that's just what one officer of the Cape Coral Police Department did. Until he didn't. 

See, Duarte jumped into one of the billions of canals in Florida trying to get away. What he wasn't expecting, however, was the grotesque mass of algae floating around in the water. 

Dude got stuck, inhaled a bunch of it into his lungs, and damn near "died" trying to float back to the officer.

When officers returned to his car, they found those vials of dabs in his ride.

Duarte was charged with possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest without violence.

And turned into a viral — or should we say vial — video in the process.

[cover photo screengrab via Cape Coral Police Department]