We're gonna be glued to the screen during the game, so we'll need potty breaks. Now we won't miss anything. 

The commercials are usually the best part of the Super Bowl because we generally hate the two teams that made it in. But since our homeboy Manning made the magic happen this year, we're gonna be watching every single second — leaving us very little time for the massive bathroom breaks initiated by the oceans of beer we'll be consuming.

Thankfully, we've got all of the best ones right here, so you can refuel with tacos and Jägerbombs during breaks and not miss any of that sweet Super Bowl action.

And just like always, the airtime for this year’s Super Bowl is estimated to cost a record-high $5 million for each 30-second ad (up just a little from last year’s cost of $4.5 million). 

Bud Light




Avacados, we guess?




Mountain Dew


Eh … pretty weak showing, everyone. You'd think for $5 mill, you wouldn't phone it in.