Oooooh, ahhhhh …

The Australian electro-something act Bag Raiders recently released its video for “Waterfalls” — a visually mobile and artistic additive to the inanity of the online realm. Inspired and driven by collage artist Alexandre Coll, the video takes its direction from his style, representing “disconnected pieces of lost memories,” he says.

For the video, the duo says they wanted to take the viewer away, far far away, from the real world and place them in an area drenched in strange visuals.

"For the 'Waterfalls' video, we wanted something that was a little abstract and visually interesting and exciting," says one of the Bag Raiders (likely not both at the same time) in a press release. "We've always loved the paintings of Rene Magritte, and how they can really transport you someplace else with their landscapes and mysterious characters. We follow a few collage artists and when Gee.G showed us Alex Coll, we felt his work could really capture this feeling, which we had also tried to create with the song."