Can't wait to get back? ARISE is already selling tickets to 2016 for only $99!

The ARISE Music Festival once again ran through Loveland, CO earlier this month and drenched the city of Loveland with a tidal wave of positive vibes, worthwhile art and an experiential event unrivaled in the region.

To bring us back to that peaceful time in our lives, we scoped out the Internet in search of a few good videos to jog our memories — and came across one from the festival itself showcasing the lot of it from a much different perspective. Titled “Birds Eye View Video of Arise 2015” — the clip features music from Rising Appalachia and a tech-y view of the can’t-miss event.

If you’re one of the many itching to get back to the ranch, you’ll have to wait until next August (5-7) for the 2016 edition, but you can  buy tickets already with the camp’s “$99 loyalty ticket” price structure. That’s a killer deal and one us brokies need to take full advantage of right meow.

Until next year!