The fallout from this should be good *grabs popcorn*

Whatever part of the seventeen-sided hip-hop die you're on — whether being the old-school head wanting purity back in, or if you're jumping all over the new-age trap mumble rap shit — we've all got to admit, the new video from Hopsin … we mean his alter-ego hashbrownboi … goes in on current emcees in a hilarious way. 

Seemingly making fun of artists such as Future, Migos, Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug, the LA-based rhymer Hopsin calls out the rappers who don't even have words in their songs, just heavily distorted vocals over a massive beat. That's a whole other series of long-form essays to drop if a convincing argument for or against the new style is to be argued, but until then, let's see how much beef stems from this. And we hope it's good, because we haven't had a good beef in hip-hop since the '90s.

On a related note: check out his new(er) official video he posted for his track "Fort Collins" — apologizing for the time he ditched out on a show in Colorado on his Knock Madness Tour some time ago.