That's the answer? Oh man, we're dumb. 

First graders are such smug little bastards, aren't they? With their lunch boxes and their ability to successfully answer simple logic problems …  Who needs 'em, right? Apparently this little test question has been making the rounds on the internet, so we couldn't help but try to give it a whack ourselves and see if we've still got it. 

"A lot of thought" you say? We went to college! We don't need to think that hard about your stupid problem!

Tragically, no one in the office could crack it. We are ashamed. 

But you wanna see what it is, don't you? Before you do, give it one more try. You're going to feel like a dick here in a minute, we promise. 

Now just one more try. 

You got this. 

Come on. 

Okay, here's the answer:

We were right about that "feeling like a dick" thing, eh? Apparently 1st graders' sense of creativity and adventure hasn't been pummeled out of them by decades of grinding labor and endless cans of Four Loko, so they can just giggle and laugh and turn the picture upside down to find the answer.  Jerks.