Bathe in the multitude of drops from this past week …

As another beautiful summer wanes before our eyes, artists the globe over are trying to capitalize on the “back-to-school” season and the subsequent Internet traffic that comes with it. Though there has been a solid stream of local music to keep our spirits in tact through the passing season, there was also a plethora of local heavyweights leaving fans feeling anxious, awaiting releases. Over the past week, a bursting piñata full of new, local music smashed itself open — leaving fans with more options than we know what to do with. Try to keep up as we bathe ourselves in the fine drops of some of our state’s most talented artists.


Carl Carrell goes by the vowel-less moniker CRL CRRLL, and continues to be one of the fastest growing artists in the city. Could his “Wave EP” be what takes him from Denver to superstardom?

Mister Freedom – "Mister Freedom"

We've been preparing you for the “Mister Freedom” album release by featuring multiple tracks from the act in the past — but now it’s finally here! Neon Brown and FL are a power duo in Denver now, and this album verifies that.

Innerstate Ike & Trev Rich – "King Kong and Godzilla"

Two kings of the Colorado rap scene have come together for a mixtape that shows them both take on the role of monsters (admittedly a good choice after hearing their work).

Rob4Real – "Love Movies"

Rob4Real is back with his first release since his mixtape, “L.D.D.L,” which raised plenty of eyebrows throughout the city. “Love Movies” is a great song and keeps listeners on the ready by switching itself half way through.

Kid Astronaut – "Moon Theory EP"

Former Air Dubai crooner Jon Schockness has recently transformed himself into his solo act in “Kid Astronaut,” and just released his first EP. The work on this is very solid and should give the talented artist plenty of momentum to move forward on his own.

Taurean – "Monstaur"

Taurean isn’t the most well-known artist in the city, but after his newest mixtape, that could be just where he is headed. Take a listen and follow along with Taurean!