Today is March 3rd. We’re not sure why it's become so wildly popular around Denver, but we’re never one to complain about actually having a reason to be excited about an arbitrary number on the calendar. If you're one with the keenest kinds of eyes, you'll see that it's 303 day when written out appropriately. It's an unofficial crayday of sorts because Denver's area code happens to fall on a calendar once a year. For that reason we scoured the lengths of the Soundclouds to put down one of the most complete and longest playlists you’re bound to find on the Internet…today…of Colorado artists…for now.

And yes, we understand the folly of placing Ft. Collins, Boulder and Colorado Springs based acts on the list, but to our knowledge there is no Sept 70th and Colorado Springs always wants to be a part of our fun all the time anyways. So to be nice, we're going to let them hangout just this once.

Hit play and enjoy the workday-long list here. Yep, only 7 hrs worth, because it’s a holiday; we’re leaving early!