In case you hadn’t heard, last month we became one of the only places in the world to be able to purchase legal weed. Because cannabis and reggae go together like DUIs and broken dreams, we felt it necessary to reach out to one of Colorado’s favorite West-Coast sunshine reggae acts. Iration visits us this month to add a soundtrack to the way we all feel about our state’s gateway of progression.

1. Who are you, what do you play and are you feeling well? (We hope you’re feeling well.)

I'm Micah, I sing and try to play guitar, and I'm very well thank you.

2. The reggae and dub fusion is always popular with the college crowd. Why do you think that is?

I think because college kids are probably experimenting a bit with the pot, and it's a good blend of something exotic and something familiar.

3. Iration is sometimes written under the sunshine reggae genre, a classification named that way because of the positive feeling one gets from listening. Would you consider that accurate?

I assume so based on the general response we get from fans. Our “Time Bomb” record I think is what most inspired that title.

4. There are many vibes of positivity in your music, but do you ever get road rage?

Who doesn't? There are a lot of bad drivers out there. Be safe America.

5. Why was it important for you to take on the type of music that you do, and do you think your upbringing in Hawaii and now California has anything to do with it?

It was important because it is what makes us unique and what came naturally. Growing up in Hawaii and living in California definitely has had a hand in that.

6. Let’s be honest here, does California really have the best girls?

Based on our girlfriends, I would say yes!

7. Do you get chances to go see live shows anymore? If you do, what are the ones you frequent most?

Yeah definitely. We love festivals, but recently Arctic Monkeys, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and Empire of the Sun were some great shows.

8. What about pop music: Do you think it’s at rock bottom, or do you enjoy it?

I like any song that is well written, well thought out and well played. There is still quality pop out there, but it's harder to access.

9. You go into a store for something but notice there’s an insanely long line at the register. What do you do?


10. Who in the band partakes in the pot? (Don’t worry, it’s legal here now, so you’re in good company if you do. No snitches around here.)

Who doesn't?

11. Is there really any truth to statements that claim drugs/booze lead to higher creativity?

I believe pot does open creative doors that aren't opened as easily otherwise.

12. Your album “Automatic” isn’t all that old just yet, but are you thinking ahead to a new collection or just letting this one marinate for a while?

We're always trying to create and move forward. The moment you stop is the moment you lose it.

13. What about down time, do you ever get any and what do you fill it with?

Yep we get a lot of down time. We fill it with surf, golf and food.

14. As a musician, are you always thinking/dreaming about music, or does your brain give you a break every once in a while?

I think music is a part of our lives, so no break necessary.

15. If you had to choose one for the rest of time would it be water, Coke, juice or milk?


16. When did you start playing music, and how did it all go down?

I started playing music in high school, but we got together in college. Garage band escapes garage

17. You’re hitting Colorado for five straight days in Fort Collins, Aspen, Colorado Springs and Boulder. What makes Colorado so different and inviting for Iration?

Well, for one, it's a beautiful place, and there are a lot of markets that support our music. Obviously the people are pretty like-minded, and we get a chance to go boarding or be outdoors, which is always a plus.

18. Do you have any places you’d like to hit while you’re in town; will you even have time?

Any mountain, pot store, etc.

19. Best way to kill time traveling to your tour destinations?

Sleep, TV, bunk extractions, panini-making.

20. What’s in store for the future of Iration?

New music, summer tour, good vibes.